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It’s always nice to see our sponsor face to face!! We stopped by Northwest Aviation Conference & Trade Show to see the booth of Aithre. The founder and invent of Aithre, Jim gave his presentation!! As you knew, Shinji used his system while his Eartheounder mission flight!!

Flying above 8K MSL| MILD HYPOXIA AND PILOT PERFORMANCE | As GA pilots, most of us don’t need to worry about rapid depressurization at FL 280 where the effects of hypoxia are obvious. But, increasingly, pilots are flying above 8k MSL, into the teens, and even the low flight levels – in unpressurized aircraft. The FAA-sponsored seminal study on mild hypoxia above 8k MSL is 25 years old, but the FAA hasn’t changed the rules or training requirements despite more accidents and increased capabilities of the modern fleet. This leaves you as the pilot with the responsibility to learn, understand, and manage the risks of entering this dangerous zone, which this forum will help you do. Come join us for a review of the rules, the risks, and the effects of hypoxia and come away with an action plan to define your personal altitude maximums for flights with and without oxygen. #aithre #oxygen #system #prevent #hypoxia #pilot #whyiuse #aerozypanguproject #northwestaviationconference #earthrounder

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