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Day 29 Landing to Thailand

It was night landing when I started to approach to Thailand. It was absolutely overwhelmed thunderstorm flight but at same time, the heat picked up as soon as I getting closer to the ground. Thailand had a strict requirement for crew rest stay- it was only 24hrs. As soon as I got hotel, had a Pad tie which is one of my favorite meal and started planning for next day -the longest leg to Philippine during this missions flight. Was I nervous? Oh yes but a good news is even you ditched to sea, it’s little bit warmer than Iceland/Greenland. That was a good motivation for me. Hahahahaha. Thailand handlers were very very polite and welcomed me and took care of me very well. In fact they took a video of my morning ceremony. Yes I pray for Lucy, our safety and thanks her effort every morning and after the flight. That’s only I can do for her. Thank you, Thailand!!

雷雲をくぐり抜けタイの空港に差し掛かったときにはすでに陽が沈みかけ、着陸はナイトランディングに。降下し始めると一気に湿度と温度が上がる。相変わらず汗が吹き出てくる。毎度のことなのだが知らない土地でボーイングの機体を見つけると本当にホッとする。。。。職業病だ タイのコロナ対策は厳重で皆 防護服にマスク  まるでここは事件現場のようだ。だからといって失礼なことは一切ない。作業毎に、許可をとる毎に必ず頭を下げパイロットに礼を尽す。共通の文化だろうか、僕が必ずフライトの前後にする祈りも彼らには興味があったようでいつの間にか動画で撮影されていました。たった24時間の休憩させてくれるクリューレストは本当に感謝感謝。もう2度とあのような雷雲には入りたくないが、人を大切にする、礼儀を尽くすことをもう一度教えてくれたタイでした。

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