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Park Air vision!!

ParkAir Vision provides high impact aerial photography and cinematography solutions. YES, they do!!!! Shinji and Lucy flew with their crews a couple of weeks ago and we are releasing a new episode of "I'M Possible" in this mid April. High definition of view is just amazing with Mt. Rainer and northwest mountain view. Special thanks to John and Brandon.

よく映画で見る飛行機の空撮。Park Air visionはまさに空撮プロの仕事を見せつけてくれました。現在、最終編集の最中ですがルーシーが夕日に光り、背景にはワシントン州の山々が彼らを包み込みました。映像放映は4月中旬の予定です。世界一周出発まであと1ヶ月!!

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