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Bonanza P35


Modification Status

Pending for FAA approval

​for tip tank installation!!

Lucy is a 1963 Beechcraft Bonanza that has been flown and loved for many years. She was graciously provided for the EarthRounder 2020 Mission, and she needs YOUR love now. 
She needs the instruments, overhaul work, long-range fuel tanks, and new engine installation to make this flight possible. 


  • N9787Y

  • Long rear window

  • Long-chord stabilators

  • "Basic T" instrument panel layout

  • Toggles replace "piano key" electrical switches

  • Single, throw-over control yoke

  • Vernier engine  and mixture controls

  • Electric auxiliary fuel pump

  • Gear handle on right, flap on left

  • "Sight and touch" gear and flap controls

  • Landing lights on nose and nose wheel strut

  • Overhead ventilation system standard

  • Fixed (non-retractable) boarding step

Meeting Lucy in 2017

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