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We provide opportunities and experiences that inspire hope, strength, and joy in people with disabilities, youngsters, and their families through aviation activities.


Inspirational Speech

Shinji Started Aero Zypangu Project, 501(c)3 non-profit organization, in 2008 to give back to and support others who were also told their dreams were impossible. He has been delivering an inspirational message to people and has reached out to thousands of people in the U.S. and Japan and will keep delivering this message to more people. 


Discovery Flight

You can be a pilot too! Shiji will teach you how to fly and you'll get an amazing experience of flying in the sky. The discovery flight can be a profound life-changing experience, teaching people that they are the pilot in command of their life.

Contact us for more information about our inspirational speech and discovery flight.

Hope, effort, never give up your dream... Words do not sufficiently express the Aero Zypangu Project. That is because the basis on which the Aero Zypangu Project stands is so profound, and the value it contributes to society is universal.

The sky is the limit! My son, Alec, was lucky enough to pilot an airplane for his 17th birthday. I couldn’t even imagine that the little sick baby would be flying an airplane 16 years later! Shinji, thank you for inspiring us to believe in ourselves and live life to the fullest.


When I fly the world, you will be flying with us in our hearts.

Let's make this happen together.

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