It all started as a dream.

Many years after, it has begun to take shape.

Learn how Aero Zypangu Project was established and the path we took to get where we're now.

Jan 20, 2005

It all started from here.

This is the day when Shinji became a one-eyed Japanese pilot.



The First Step.

Shinji started giving an inspirational speech in 2008. The speech was also held in his old school, Japan Aviation High School. Now, this inspirational speech has become one of the Aero Zypangu Project’s primary activities and we have reached out to over 5000 people.


He knew what he had to do.

While Shinji continues delivering his speech during the past 7 years, he realized many young people and adults weren’t motivated and passionate about their life and future. As it was the same feeling that he had when he was in college after his tragic accident, he knew it would be his mission to help those people.


The official start of Aero Zypangu Project

He first talked to Ms. Eriko Baxter, an excellent lawyer at Baxter Law International PLLC, and established Aero Zypangu Project, 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Ever since then,  Ms. Baxter has been our right hand and a great supporter as our pro bono lawyer.

We carried on and have been actively engaged in our mission for years.

Since 2008, AZP keeps teaching people the joy of living and how fun and difficult it is to challenge ourselves and make our dreams come true. This message we deliver has never changed and will never change.

He named his airplane Lucy, just so she can fly with him.

Shinji had a Labrador Retriever who lost one of her legs because of cancer. Her name was Lucy. She was so energetic that she always dragged Shinji out of the bed, asked him to play with her, and even run faster than any other healthy dogs. She lived every moment with all her energy… so Shinji named his airplane “Lucy.”

With our amazing crews

We always support each other with families, friends, cohort, and all of our loved ones. AZP is run by those caring, compassionate, and kind members!

Thank you for all of your support.

Mr. Makino, Shinji’s old colleague, taught him how to build an aircraft and the passion to fly. Adrian is his great mentor who flew around the world with his own airplane, which is the same type of airplanes as Lucy. He is now one of the best supporters of our Earthrounder Mission Project. Our mission would have not been possible without all the support we received from all of you.

Shinji will fly the world in 2021 to deliver his message to more people across the world. Don’t miss it!