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Impossible is now "I'm possible"


2021年6月11日、前田はワシントン州ハーベイフィールドに着陸し、無事に世界一周のミッションフライトを終えました。前田は単独飛行で世界一周をしたパイロットの139人目として名を刻み、コロナウイルスによるパンデミック以来世界初、片目の見えないパイロットとしては世界で2人目の世界一周を成し遂げたパイロットとなりました。この偉業は皆さんからの愛とサポート無くして達成できたものではありません。AZP Team一同より、皆さまのご支援に感謝申し上げます。


Professional photos by Mr. Yoshi Fujii

Day 1~18 highlights - Shinji & Lucy Earthrounder -

Day 1~18 highlights - Shinji & Lucy Earthrounder -

Welcome to officially Aero Zypangu Project!! This episode - Shinji & Lucy Earthrounder - Day 1~18 highlights Thank you for supporting Aero Zypangu Project! We were BACK from fly around the world!! Shinji updated daily "1 min speech" and here is the speeches for Day 1 - 18th!! This episode - Shinji was invited to join the AOPA formation flight with Adrian Eichhorn and he spent 2 days long XC to east coast. This episode is day 1 from Pain Field、Washington to Bismarck Municipal Airport, North Dakota. Special thanks to EXECUTIVE AIR TAXI CORPORATION. We are "Aero Zypangu" We provide opportunities and experiences that inspire hope, strength, and joy in people with disabilities, youngsters, and their families through aviation activities. This is not about “flying”. This is beyond flying and that is why we’ve been keep sending same message through our motivational speech since 2008 and we’ve been highly appreciated in the public. In 2021 Shinji, founder and president of AZP, well known as one eyed pilot will fly solo around the world and he will give you motivational speeches for you in your country. This is series of our videos about who we are, what we do and why we fly around the world.Enjoy!! You can support us @ Our website
Day 18~30 highlights: Shinji & Lucy Earthrounder -