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3 years to achieve

Shinji finally made his promise. Well, during his Earthrounder, the original plan was to visit Japan and give his presentation. However, due to Japanese government restrictions, he was not able to do it, in fact, he was denied to stay over in Japan in 2021. Today, the moment came!! 960 people participated his presentation at two different high schools. After his presentation, both school principals were rush over to Shinji for handshakes with warm greetings. Amazing!! This is very historical moment because it doesn’t happen in Japan usually. Not only student, Shinji’s story penetrated into all people’s hearts. This was real deal!! Done Doe DONE!!!

「龍馬先生、帰ってきたぜよ」 日本政府の開国宣言がない限り前田(米国籍)は祖国に自由に戻ることはできません。よってこの日を迎えるまでに何度も高知県航空協会の佐藤さんとの打ち合わせがこの3年間、続きました。「本当にできるのか?」「日本にいつ帰国できるのか?」、そんな悶々ととする日々がありました。この度、無事に高知県に戻り、そして二つの公立高校で、教職員を含む総勢960名が前田の講演に参加しました。驚くことに両校の校長先生が「すごかった!!大人が聞くべく講演だ」と二人とも興奮して前田に駆け寄ってきたのが印象的でした。この機会を作ってくれた佐藤さん、高知県航空協会の皆さんに心から感謝です。また帰ってくるぜよ!

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