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Shinji had only 24hrs stay before he returned to U.S. Yap, it was the shortest stay in Japan for him but he never shortcut all preparation. Prior to his presentation, he spent hrs preparation of sound, mike reception, lights, and view of presentation. He naturally became a real actor on the stage. Do you know why? Well, Shinji used to play Japanese drums on different stages when he was a high school student. Even his team went to national championships. Thus standing up on the stage naturally made him a real actor.

人生最短の日本滞在。だからと言って手は抜きません。特に本当の舞台に立つと、高校時代 和太鼓を打っていた血がみなぎります。照明、音響、PowerPointの見方など全てをチェックしました。なんといっても、この人物、日本の檜舞台国立劇場でも演奏している経験者ですから。

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