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Another surprise from America Bonaza Society

After 2wks Japan trip, there was another surprise from America Bonaza Society. Shinji and his kids are on their monthly managing. It was about report out of 2021 awards to members. Shinji still remembers how he felt when he got this awards. Again thank you to American Bonaza Society and aviation communities!!!

2週間の出張後、前田を待っていたのはアメリカボナンザ協会が発行する協会冊子。冊子半ばには前田とトロフィーを持つ子供たちの写真が!! 9月の表彰式が昨日のように思い出され、また改めて感謝の気持ちでいっぱいになりました。#bonaza #vtail #vtailbonanza #awards #thankyou #lovemyson #lovemydaughter

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