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90% in Japan feel discrimination against disabled exists, survey finds. Well, Shinji strongly agree with it.

Here is the one of victim - one eyed boy who recently participated Shinji’s presentation. Shinji emphasized thar “don’t give up your life because of your disability”. The boy was crying. Shinji could tell how much he has been suffering the discrimination. That’s why Shinji told him “don’t give up. You heard all story of Shinji today. If he could do it, you can do it as well”. He gave a big smile to Shinji afterwards.


この写真に映る男の子は残念ながら多くの人たちから差別を受けていると前田は感じました。大粒の涙を流し「僕は片目が見えない」と藁をも掴む思いで会いに来てくれました。だからこそ「障害を理由に死ぬなんて思っちゃいけないよ。なぜならば君にもできるからだよ。今日 前田さんの話を聞いてどのように解決したか理解できたね」と聞くと大きく頷き、彼は笑顔になりました。


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