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Day 36- Re entry Japan

My Japan flight mission completed today because I was able to meet my mom at Chitose airport. Due to a strict Japanese government covid restriction, I was not able to get out from airport so my brother took her to airport and we were able to see each other among the security fence. I thought it’s going to be crazy because I was looked like a prisoner since we had a high security fence between us. When I found my mom with holding my father’s pictures, I thought “damn it, I cannot cry today……”. I was hoping that my mission flight was more meaningful for Japan but it didn’t work like that way. However, it was REAL deal and meaning full time for me because I was able to meet my mom. BTW, she had cancer last October. For past years, due to COVID 19, a lot of people globally were not able to see their family, friends, loved ones……worst case, a lot of people were not able to participated loved one’s funnel. It’s tough and tougher than what I faced in Japan. What I can say is I am really lucky because I was able to see my mom and I was able to see her smiles. That’s good and that’s all I need for now. I hope she will live longer for my kids. Dad, thank you, I flew in Hokkaido today, but sorry I was not able to fly over our home. Maybe next time.

病気になった母に会いに行く。今回のミッションフライトで絶対に譲れないアクションの一つでしたが本日、それも無事に終えることができました。 関係者の配慮でフェンス越しに会えると言われていましたが、まるで囚人を見るような状況を母親には見せたくない思いがありました。 でも兄はそんな僕に「まぁまぁいいじゃないか」といつものペースで昨晩、電話をよこし今日のお昼に前田家御一行様で千歳空港に駆けつけてくれました。 まぁフェンス越しに見る集団はまるで何かの反対運動をして光景でした。笑 親父の写真をもつ母を見つけたときには「絶対、今日は泣かない」と決めていたので堪えました。 今、こうしてコロナ禍で家族に会えたこと、病気と戦う母に会えたことは本当に幸運としか言いようがありません。 残念ながらコロナが理由で愛する家族の最期にも参加できなかった人たちを僕は知っています。だからこそ、こういう当たり前の幸せを感じることの大切さ、 そしてその重要性をもう一度、発信して行くことが僕の使命なんだと思います。オヤジ、ありがとうね。今日、北海道飛んだよ。まだ本別は飛べてないから次回だべさ!!

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