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Formation flight for promotion video

Shinji was invited to join the Park Air Vision for making an episode of "I am possible" prior to Shinji's Earthrounder mission flight. Shinji was so exited about this flight because he was really enjoying the outside view. The actual episode of "I am possible" will be released in mid April!! It's coming soooooon!!

空撮、まったくもって雲の上の世界は別世界。夕日とカスケード山脈、レイニア山をバックに撮影をした「I am possible」の撮影日。「すげーすごすぎる」と何度も何度も連呼しながらのフライト。このエピソードはその時の裏側です。本編、「I am possible」は来週、リリースします。お楽しみに。

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