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great dinner and conversation

What a great dinner and conversation Shinji had back in 2021/5/2 with Sugino Machine USA team in Chicago. It was Day 2 of our mission flight last year. We were not able to land on Toyama airport, Japan where their headquarter located at but without their sponsorship, this mission flight never ever happened. We were so lucky to have these type of wonderful corporate sponsorship.

去年の今頃、富山に本社を置くスギノマシン アメリカチームと夕食会でした。ゆっくりと食事をし日本の富山空港に着陸をする予定計画などを話、とても有意義な時間でした。残念ながら富山空港には着陸できませんでしたが、スギノマシンのような日本を代表する企業にサポート頂きまして誠にありがとうございました。

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