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Icom America!!

As everyone knew Icom America is our sponsor and Shinji has been using this A25 radio as back up while He is flying but his A25 is very special for him because it connects his students pilot whenever he let student pilots to do their first solo flight!!! Yes solo flight!! Thus A25 is very critical equipment to send encouragement to Shinji’s student’s pilots. Today, his another student was able to hear Shinji’s congratulations via A25 radio.

日本を代表する無線メーカー、Icom社 航空無線から商品提供を当団体に受けたのはご存知の通り。でも前田は飛行教官としてこの無線機を必ず彼の訓練生が単独飛行に行く際に地上から支援したり、労いを送るために常に使っています。今日もまた新しく単独飛行を実施した訓練学生に『おめでとう』の無線連絡が送られました。

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