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Let’s go to the next level !

Losing loved ones is always the toughest moment in our life. Well, same as Shinji. Even he is a motivational speaker, he faced the moment, and he is now moving forward further. For past 24-month was just crazy ride for Shinji and his family by knowing that his mom was suffering the lung cancer. However, it was Shinji’s determination that “we must fly the world to say thank you to his mom in 2021 despite of COVID” and his decision was paid off as you saw. In 2022, Aero Zypangu team is already moving next levels – TikTok, publishing a book, more motivational speeches, and new mission flight in 2025. You will see more!!

愛する人を失うことは本当に精神的に落ち込みます。前田とて、モチベーションスピーカーとして常にポジティブな精神状況を維持するのは簡単なことではありません。この2年間、癌との闘病生活を続ける母を支える日々でした。だからこそ2021年、コロナに関わらず前田は世界を飛び、千歳空港での奇跡の再会があったのです。2022年、エアロジパングはすでに新たな挑戦に向かって動き出していますTikTok, 書籍の出版、講演活動、そして2025年の新たなミッションフライト準備。。。さぁ次のレベルへ!!

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