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Pilot decision skills

5/26/2021 in Karachi, Pakistan: Shinji didn’t say “contingency” but actually it was more like that. If Shinji waited for 1day longer in Pakistan, COVID took over all schedule and airport options. For example, Bangladesh boarder was just closed 6hrs prior to his departure from Pakistan. India was the melting-spot of COVID at that time so Shinji cannot stay over the night even he could get the gas (technical support only). Shinji were really wishing that FAA approved his ferry tanks in sake of safe operation, which was never approved prior to his departure. Thus Shinji thoughtfully considered the public safety but it required a lot of pilot decision skills.

このビデオの中で、緊急事態とは言っていないもののかなり緊急事態のことが起きていました。パキスタン出発6時間前にバングラデシュの国境が閉鎖、インドはこの頃 コロナ発症数世界一となっており宿泊は許可されず給油のみ。前に進むか、引き返すかの判断が求められました。この時から前田がぶつぶつコックピットで独り言が増えたのは、安全運航を軽視したアメリカの航空局の役所対応にガッカリしていたからです。でも公共の安全を軽視せず飛び続けたのは誇れるpilotageでした。

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