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Seattle Japanese School

We had motivational Speech for Seattle Japanese School at Sammamish High School. It’s been 5yrs to give a speech at here. They were somewhere between 9-12yrs old and lots of unexpected questions were thrown away to Shinji. It was just fun since Shinji doesn’t hear a lot those interesting questions and comments. But they really understood why Shinji was giving the speech- get along with your friends and family!!

2018年の講演から5年の月日を経て今回はシアトル日本語補習学校の小学4年生-6年生、約142名の学生さんに向け、講演でした。小学生の質問はまさに奇想天外、普段使わない脳みそとオヤジギャグを駆使して子供達に対います。でも驚くことに学校の先生が最後に感想を聞くと、「友達と家族を大切にすることです」と私たちが伝えたい本質を理解してくれるんですね。これが毎回 すごいな〜と感心するんです。#小学生#元気#子供#わかる#伝わる#パワフル#生きづらさを生きていく

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