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Sigh sigh sigh,........

Bonanza Dolly Parton" Tip Tanks returning preparations - Shinji will share the reasons that Lucy doesn’t have 100gal tip tanks on separate video.

Shinji and his family headed to California to return these two tip tanks. Shinji was whining about not being able to install them on Lucy all the way through packaging these tanks because his primary focus was his flight safety..... he was keep saying why why why.....Even his dog didn’t help him either and Shinji asked him why why why!!! Hahahaha

役所には役所の理由がある。そして安全を重視するパイロットにもこのタンクを使う理由があった。ブツブツと役所の対応に疑問を呈しながら前田はこの2つを持ち主のところへ返却する準備中。それにしてもウチの犬は一切手伝ってくれない。 #aerozypanguproject #flytheworld #preparation #crashworthiness #tip#tank #エアロジパングプロジェクト @ Paine Field Airport

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