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“Tsubasa (wing)” and Tsubasa

We support the filming of Ben’s project - “Tsubasa (wing)”. Now Shinji’s son, Tsubasa is part of the story. Maybe he is acting better than his dad. Unfortunately, we got wild fires and smokes in WA for past week so shooting video was very limited. Therefore, this will be a longer process for Ben but we’ve been enjoying to support his project. We cannot wait to see the final product. Keep up, Ben!!

ベンのドキュメンタリープロジェクト、”ツバサ”の撮影第二弾。前田の息子のツバサも飛び入り参加です。秋深まるシアトル、今年は1ヶ月ほど山火事の影響で大量の煙が ワシントン州では問題となっています。今週からは雨のシーズンへ。。。焦らず、しっかりと撮影をしたいベン。最終作品が楽しみです。

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