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TV show features Shinji Maeda

English subtitle on it!! Enjoy!! Special thanks to TG and Erin for translation. Additional Thanks to #snohomishflyingservice, Avstar Aircraft,Baxter Law International PLLC, Mr. David McLean, Mr. Curits Brady, Mr. Reiben Zurcher!! 英語字幕付きです


Welcome to officially Aero Zypangu Project!!

This episode - Family love delivery service around the world! In a rapidly globalizing society we live in, many Japanese have now been living abroad apart from their family.

The TV show Gutto Chikyubin features stories that connect Japanese parents/family with children/siblings who live outside of Japan, and a recent episode features Shinji and it was released in Japan on 12/25/2022.

Altough this is 30mis show, the TV crew witness that why Shinji became one eyed pilot, how he survived his life and completed his mission flight. We believe that our story will be feature again in the future because that much, TV crews were impressed what we do.

Special thanks to Avstar, Snohomish Flying Service, Baxter Law International PLLC, Mr. David McLean, Mr. Curits Brady, Mr. Reiben Zurcher

We are "Aero Zypangu"

We provide opportunities and experiences that inspire hope, strength, and joy in people with disabilities, youngsters, and their families through aviation activities. This is not about “flying”. This is beyond flying and that is why we’ve been keep sending same message through our motivational speech since 2008 and we’ve been highly appreciated in the public.

In 2021 Shinji, founder and president of AZP, well known as one eyed pilot will fly solo around the world and he will give you motivational speeches for you in your country. This is series of our videos about who we are, what we do and why we fly around the world.Enjoy!!

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