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Aithre inc - thank you!!

We went to Northwest Aviation conference and trade show in Puyallup.

And guess what!! Aithre, Inc announced to provide their oxygen monitoring system for Shinji. Thank you for amazing offer, Jim and Zu!! @aithre_inc

It reminded us that there are a lot of aviation enthusiasts in this country and they are super supportive with what Shinji is trying to accomplish during his Earthrounder.


何ということでしょう! この展示会で即刻、スポンサーの発表があったのがAithre, inc 社。フライト中のパイロットの酸素吸収量などの生理データを分析、緊急時にはパイロットに救急指示を出す最新システム。ありがとうございました!!!


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