Dear Aero Zypangu Project supporters,

Thank you for your continuing support for Aero Zypangu Project. Due to the foregoing situations of COVID-19, Aero Zypangu Project has decided to postpone the takeoff date of May 1, 2020, from Everett, WA to fly around the world under its Earth Rounder Project. We have now set the new departure date for May 1, 2021. It was a very difficult decision; however, your health and safety are the most important, and we respect each country’s measures to fight against the further spread of the virus. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding of our decision.

It is our mission to provide dreams and hopes to people, to think together to overcome challenges, and to move forward to the future. Aero Zypangu Project will overcome this difficult time and continue our preparation for takeoff. Thank you again for your continuing support. Please stay safe and healthy.

May 1, 2021 

Take Off

From KPAE (Paine Field.WA)

About the Mission

One-eyed pilot, Shinji Maeda, will fly around the world to give a motivational speech. He has been inspiring people to pursue their dreams through his motivational speech and has reached out to thousands of people in the U.S. and Japan. Now, it’s time to go beyond and deliver this message to many more people across the world. It is happening. We believe it’s possible.

Why Earthrounder?

To bring inspiration and hope to this world.

When Shinji was 18 years old, he lost his eyesight in one eye. He had to face the fact that by law he could never pursue his dream of being a pilot in Japan. However, he made it happen. By overcoming the tragedy, he became a pilot and now he enjoys sharing his love and passions for flying with his student pilots as a flight instructor. He realized that sharing his journey and motivating others to achieve their dreams became his true passion. Since 2008, he’s been delivering motivational speeches in the US and Japan by flying on a commercial jet. But this time will be different. He’ll be flying around the world in his own airplane to give motivational speeches from Seattle to your countries. He'll go beyond and deliver his message to many more people across the world. Impossible? He says "No, not at all. I AM POSSIBLE and THIS IS POSSIBLE!"


Shinji will fly to 18 countries in around 2 months. Due to the nature of this expedition flight, constantly changing circumstances such as weather/custom/technical holds, please note that these dates are estimated departure dates and subject to change. Please check our Facebook for the latest location updates.



Bahrain Around June 9th, touch down at Paine Field, WA USA